Camera gear accessories play a huge role in developing professional, quality images. Not only do they enhance pictures but they also help bring life to shots.

Camera stores can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you uncertain of what camera gear accessories to get. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling the best camera accessories that you need for this year.

1.     Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are something every photographer should own. They help protect the display screen from dust molecules and scratches.

Essentially it’s best to get a glass screen protector to ensure that no bubbles form under the film. If you have a touchscreen display screen make sure to purchase a screen protector that works well with it. It’s a good idea to take your camera along so that you can get an accurate size screen protector that fits your camera.

2.     Memory Card Reader

camera gear accessories

Previously, photographers would connect their cameras with a cable to the computer to transfer files. Luckily those days are over! You can now save tons of time and be more efficient by buying a memory card reader.

This will instantly transfer all your files without any hassle. Simply remove the memory card from any camera and insert it into the memory card reader. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also way faster.

3.     Memory Card Wallet

Memory cards are easy to lose and it’s unwise to keep them loosely in your camera bag. They can easily be misplaced and as a result, you could lose all your work.

For that reason, memory card wallets are something that every photographer should always have. They are extremely practical and can fit in any bag, giving you peace of mind.

4.     Wireless Shutter Release

A great camera gear accessory that is very useful is a wireless shutter release. It helps a great deal when doing some challenging shots and makes life so much easier.

Wireless release shutters are more expensive than wired shutter releases; however, they are well worth it. This is mainly because there are no restrictions in terms of having a cable that isn’t long enough. It’s best to choose a wireless Shutter Release that meets your needs.

5.     UV Filters

UV filters are a necessity to photographers who want to prevent any scratches and smudges from forming on the front lens element.  Using a UV filter can actually save a lot of money in the long-term because it is a great form of protection.

This filter is unlike others because it does not affect picture quality. Its sole purpose is to preserve the front lens and save you a good few bucks in an unfortunate event. After all, it’s much cheaper to replace a UV filter over a camera lens.

6.     Camera bag

camera gear accessories

Among all the camera gear accessories, this one is vital! Imagine having to move around with equipment scattered in the back seat of your car- this could end up being a complete disaster.

It’s always good to be well organized and have everything in order so that nothing goes missing. A camera bag is an essential item that every photographer should own. It helps keep all camera gear protected and allows easy excess to whatever gear is needed.

Finding a camera bag is quite easy, just look for something that is versatile and easy to carry around.

7.     Lens Pen

It’s easy to get dirt or even fingerprints on a camera lens, which can be difficult to clean. A Lens pen might be the single best way to clean off any dirt, dust or fingerprints from a camera lens. The soft brush gently cleans off any smudges, leaving you with a clean and clear lens element.

Should you get these Camera Gear Accessories?

camera gear accessories

Definitely! These accessories are there to make photographers jobs easier. There’s no doubt that some of these camera gear accessories might be pricey, but it’s a good idea to slowly start investing in these items.

Newbie photographers should slowly start building up on these extra accessories. They definitely help a great deal in the long run and can be used for a long time. Purchase items that are most relevant to you and your needs as a photographer.