A handbag is so much more than just a storage item; it’s basically a piece of material that holds your entire life together! Yes, it’s safe to say that a handbag can be considered as just about every girl’s best friend. It can be relied upon to hold all your little secrets, beauty products and even a few snacks for when you’re feeling famished.

That being said, models are individuals who are constantly on the go and are more likely to need a bunch of different things at different times. In this piece, we have compiled the top items that should be packed in every model’s handbag. These items will give all models an idea of what to keep on them at all times, especially when going to castings, meetings or shoots.

1. Sewing kit

It’s always a good idea to be well prepared for just about anything. Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone at any time. Imagine going into a meeting and realizing that one of your buttons on your blouse had popped! The agony of this situation can be mortifying and lead to serious embarrassment.

Prepare yourself by getting hold of a mini sewing kit. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple kit with the necessities, such as a sewing pin, a few strands of cotton and a spare button.

2. Sunscreenhandbag

Having good and healthy skin is mandatory for almost every model– which is why sunscreen should be applied thoroughly throughout the day. Sunscreen protects the skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun that can cause damage to the skin. Sun damage, premature aging, and pigmentation are just a few of the skin disorders that one can face. Purchase a high SPF sunscreen and make sure to use it more often than usual if you’re exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Oil absorbing sheets

This one’s perfect for those long days spent waiting at castings and on set. Having makeup on all day without freshening up can be a challenge, or so you think…
This genius creation was designed for those who have very little time to touch up makeup and freshen up. Oil absorbing sheets are perfect to help remove any excess oil from the skin and remove shine. If you’re the type of person who has little time than these sheets need to find a place in your life and bag!

4. Compact mirror

From junior high students to runway models just about all females carry around compact mirrors. They are helpful and so convenient, especially since they’re pocket-sized. Applying makeup and checking out if your hair is in place couldn’t be easier! The best thing about compact mirrors is that they last forever and are super cheap.

5. Deodorant and breath mints

Body odor and bad breath are probably the 2 most off-putting things. Walking into a meeting or casting with a strong stench could impact on you negatively. Employers might not want to give you the job due to poor hygiene and generally feeling uncomfortable around you.

Beat the stink by always smelling good and chewing a breath mint before meetings, castings, and jobs. Use a subtle smelling deodorant that isn’t too overpowering. Besides, smelling good will leave a lasting impression.

6. Concealerhandbag

Naturally, clear skin is something many dream about, but let’s get real- this is almost impossible. Not to mention that there’s no denying that zits always pop out of nowhere and at the worst possible times. Keeping a tube of concealer eliminates having to worry about any unexpected pimples when you’re busy strutting your stuff. Many companies produce travel sized products which can be purchased and stored in your handbag.

7. Tampon/ Pad

Just when you thought Murphy ’s Law doesn’t exist, you’re proven wrong! The uninvited guest makes her way to the party and ruins your clothes and your spirit.

It’s easy to forget and lose track of your cycle. Download an app to remind you every month when your period is due. This way you will always be prepared for that time of the month.

Stash an extra pad or tampon in your handbag and keep a few extra, just in case.