About Modeling Light Magazine

Modeling Light Magazine focuses on up and coming models and photographers who do not get recognized by larger magazines and publications. These individuals will have the perfect opportunity to showcase their portfolios and even get some insight and tips on how to achieve success in the modeling and fashion industry. Modeling Light Magazine is diverse and unique as we focus on lesser known models, photographers, agents and even hair/makeup artists.

Our main aim is to build a worldwide network which includes both photographers and models, and assist them within our network in creating a long term and prosperous career. The magazine includes a lot of insight to readers as we have featured pictorials, articles about the industry, tutorials about makeup and up and coming trends.

With a clear vision we work towards producing magazine content that focuses on fashion, makeup, modeling and photography all in one place. Each of these areas is vital to look at when taking an interest in this field. Another key aspect that we want to focus on is informing and teaching all our future models, makeup artists, agents and even photographers on how to build their own portfolios to attain the ultimate success. Modeling Light Magazine has every intention to assist our readers and future prospects with all the knowledge and information that they need.

Publications are quarterly, and digital publications will be available worldwide while print version will be available in the United States, Canada and UK. Our team strives to deliver the best and most informative content to each of our readers.