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Photography Taxes a New Trend?!

    In the recent past, Laguna Beach required a permit for any type of photography in their city, but has since changed that to just Commercial Photography, to help stem the interruption of residents daily lives and tourists being put out due to large photography or video productions. I can understand these types of “taxes” on commercial type shoots that are large and have a lot of people working in a large area that would disrupt other people in the vicinity. The difference in Positano’s case is that this isn’t the only reason that was given for the Tax....

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A Discussion on Resolution

Ok, we have had a lovely bunch of posts on fashion and modeling, it is about time we had a short discussion on a matter in photography! Until this past year the medium format camera companies, Hasselblad, Pentax, etc. have enjoyed owning the distinction of having the most pixels in their cameras and their digital backs. The reason for this was obvious, the size of the sensor allowed more pixels to be placed on them. With the creation of Full Frame sensors for 35mm format cameras we have been watching and waiting as the pixel density grew each year....

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Things a Model MUST Have On a Go-See

A Portfolio or “Book” A portfolio is a collection of the best work a model wants to present to potential clients. Avoid cluttering your portfolio with anything besides the required photographs. You don’t want it to be full of junk that may distract the client from your work. Make sure it stays neat and is regularly updated so that a client isn’t misled about your features or abilities. Makeup Basics for Touching Up When attending a go-see, a model should always arrive with a minimally makeup clad face. If there was ever a time to utilize all of those...

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Modeling Portfolio

When it comes to being successful as a model, the first job is getting the gig and a models portfolio is essential. In a competitive and crowded field, such as this, models who go above and beyond will almost always have created the best chance to come out on top. Networking has a large deal to do with the opportunities presented to a model, but they can open doors for themselves by stepping directly in front of a potential client. Doing so is often referred to as a “go-see”. These are prime hours that a client or agency utilizes...

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