Photoshop is a remarkable program and there are so many Photoshop plugins that you can use to your advantage. These plugins can improve your creativity, change images and help you manipulate a picture to your liking.

Photographers and designers both rely a lot on Photoshop to help deliver excellent results. In this post, we take a look at some of the most incredible Photoshop plugins and how they’re changing the game. Brace yourself for a life-changing experience, the next time you use Photoshop.

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

If you’re on a budget and are looking for some new plugins that are worth it, give these a try. They are all free and part of the Nik collection.

Color Efex Pro

Price: Free

If you looking for filters with powerful capabilities, then Color Efex Pro is the way to go. There are over 50 filters in the package and it boasts having the ability to add multiple filters to an image. With Color Efex you will also be able to add a specific filter to a certain area of the image.

Color Efex is part of Nik tools suite, and let’s just say that they have created the perfect Photoshop plugin for adding great filters to your photographers. 4

HDR Efex Pro

Photoshop plugins

Price: Free

Yet another innovative plugin that works way better than the one that’s built-in on Photoshop. HDR Efex Pro is completely free and if you’re a photographer who likes the HDR look, then you will be ecstatic with this Photoshop Plugin.

This plugin gives you all that you’re looking for while keeping images realistic and balanced. It can process HDR photographs and its capabilities are impressive. Another great thing about this plugin is that it can be used in Lightroom as well.


Price: Free

Dfine is part of Nik collection and yes, it’s also free! This plugin allows users to reduce noise in targeted areas. This is done by selecting control points and an incredible thing is that it doesn’t involve any masks. You will also be able to easily adjust contrast, making life so much easier.

Top paid Photoshop Plugins

The following Photoshop plugins are great; however, they will cost you a couple of bucks but are worth it!

Photoshop plugins

Topaz Lens Effects

Price: $79.99

If you’re a relatively new photographer who might not have a lot of lenses as yet, then Topaz Lens Effects is just right for you.

There are 29 different lens effects and filters that you can choose from, to perfect your photos. Polarization, Bokeh, and, Motion Blur are amongst the many different effects that come with this package.

Another massive pro to purchasing this plugin is that you no longer need to carry a bag full of lens equipment. Topaz lens effects is officially your “virtual camera bag”.

Fluid Mask 3

Price: $99

Deleting backgrounds and unwanted objects have never been simpler. Fluid Mask 3 is the go-to Photoshop plugin that professionals use when trying to easily get rid of unwanted backgrounds.

It has great capabilities and can get those difficult objects that are to get rid of vanish. This Photoshop plugin will save you plenty of time and effort.


Price: $79.90

If you’re a photographer who specializes in portrait photography, then you know just how time-consuming it is to touch up photos.

Portrait Pro is an efficient plugin that is used to produce beautiful touch-ups on portraits. All imperfections can easily be targeted and drastically reduced.

If you’re not 100% certain if this is the right product for you then you can get the trial before buying it. Also, this product has won a good few awards because of how excellent it is.

Glow in Studio

Photoshop plugins

Price: $69.97

Glow in studio is part of Topaz and its purpose is to create lighting effects in images. This is ideal to use if you’re creating a campaign that needs some movement and extra magic.

You can add sparks and lighting to dull images to help bring them to life. It’s a simple plugin that works wonderfully and is perfect for those who love creativity.

The key features of this plugin include HSL color tuning, Vignette adjustments, Smudge adjustments, and more.