Whether you’re a new model or a model that has some experience in the industry, you’ll understand just how tough it can be to book modeling gigs. Not only is there plenty of competition, but the industry is evolving drastically.

Previously booking modeling gigs was a far less complicated procedure. You simply needed to impress the client and have a few qualities that they might have been looking for.

In the current modeling industry, things have progressed so rapidly that clients have a bunch of pre-requisites that need to be met.  We take a closer look at what these pre-requisites are and how they influence clients from booking models.

Social media plays a major role

Social media has literally taken over the world and while gaining exposure is important, models now have to compete in a tight market. This means that clients now look at your social media pages to see just how big of an “influencer” you are. If you’re someone with a lot of exposure booking modeling gigs will be easier.

Your following base on social media

Before booking models, many bigger companies look at your overall social media pages. No, they’re not looking at your breakfast pictures but they’re looking at your following base. The number of followers you have plays a big role in the deciding factor of whether or not they hire you.

Booking Modeling Gigs

How many followers should you have to book a gig with a big company?

High paid models, like Kendall Jenner, have a huge following base of around 92 million followers. While this is a huge amount, brands understand that this number isn’t easy at all to reach. Many people might not hit that number no matter how much exposure they might have.

According to the New York Post, in 2015 the number of followers needed was around 10,000. This number has drastically increased to around 20k-30k! Bear in mind, this number is what is required for brands such as Macy’s. Smaller brands will indefinitely have a smaller number that they look at.

Social media interactions

While having a large following base is important, it should be noted that interactions from followers are important too. For instance, if you’re someone who has around 10k followers but only gets 100 like and 2 comments this will be an issue. Clients and brands might question your authenticity, which is why all followers you have need to be real.

You might see this on certain social media accounts where they have tens of thousands of followers but very little activity. This is because a majority of the followers have been bought by whoever is in charge of these social media accounts. Buying followers is a big no-no and a total waste of time; always ensure that your followers are 100% organic.

Being relevant and unique on social media

Booking Modeling Gigs

Booking modeling gigs can be a walk in the park if you already have a huge number of followers. However, clients and brands also look at how often you post and at what exactly you post. Your posts need to be of high-quality so that it draws in attention.

It’s important to post often so that you remain relevant and that your page is always getting exposure. With that being said, don’t post 10 pictures a day because this might be an annoyance. Be unique and versatile and try to take the best pictures that you possibly can. Always be yourself and let your personality shine through

Booking modeling gigs- What you should and shouldn’t be doing

What to avoid:

  • You might want to avoid posting political and religious views. Followers can easily get offended and this can spark up the wrong type of attention to your page.
  • Nudity- This is a no-no, especially if you have a younger audience of followers. Try and keep things decent.
  • Being disrespectful to followers- Haters are going to hate if you don’t like what someone is saying then block them instead of starting an online war.

What you should be doing:

  • Interact with your followers- this could mean answering their questions or simply just replying to comments
  • Try to collaborate with other models in order to reach more people. The more exposure you get the better it is.
  • Reply to brands ASAP- If a company reaches out to you don’t wait for a week before replying. Check your inbox daily and try and get back to clients within 24 hours.