As the Bruno Mars song goes, “I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine…” we too can relate to those very lyrics. Every model has the dream of making it as a cover model, as this is a massive career milestone and gets the ultimate recognition needed by every model.

The modeling industry is huge and at times it can be a bit scary, especially if you’re not sure of how to get what you want. Making it as a cover model sounds like a challenge that could possibly be impossible, but we’re here to ease the process with a few helpful tips that every model needs to start approaching. Also look up some tips you can learn from other models here.

Positivity and confidence are two small traits that take you far in life. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and believe in yourself whenever you set out a new challenge that you want to achieve. Once you manage to do this, believe it or not 50% of your work is done. Nothing is greater than knowing that you can do something and prevailing at it. That been said, remember not to mistaken confidence with conceit and cockiness as this is a big turn off and won’t get you far.

An essential tip that needs to be focused on is networking. Networking not only helps your career but also gives those you meet an idea of who you are what you’re like. Go to a bunch of events and get out of your comfort zone, be friendly and ask questions. You are the face of your brand, so start by telling people a little more about yourself and a little about your career path. Hand out your contact details and mention that you’re a model. Another vital contact to make is that of a personal assistant, as they usually work for high profiled, important people. You never know when they can help you out with getting you in on important gigs.

Being a cover model means that you need to always look good, be diligent and act professional at all times. Taking care of yourself shows that you’re serious about your job and are dedicated in improving your overall lifestyle. Editors won’t want someone on the cover of their magazines if they don’t uphold a certain image, so always make sure that you handle yourself with grace and that you’re always easy to work with.

Magazines usually want people who are well known by the community on their covers, and let’s face it not many people might know who you are. The best way to fix this is through social media as this allows you to familiarize yourself to the world and allows you to establish your own “brand”.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all great platforms to use in your favor. Post relevant things and focus on growing your followers as you never know who might scout you online.

Nothing comes easy, if you want something you generally have to go out and work for it. Try doing different gigs so that you get a lot of experience; this will help a great deal when someone is looking for their next cover girl. Having a lot of experience proves that you know what you’re doing and that you’re versatile. Whatever you do in life requires effort, so put in the extra work as it always pays off in the end.

Having an agent makes the life of a model so much easier, as agents are already well connected and they’re pro’s at representing people. When you chose to work with an agent make sure that you both have an understanding of what is required from each other and always let them know what your goals are so that they can help you achieve them. Communicate with your agent on a regular basis and only take jobs that you feel are good for you.

Making it as a cover model could be the greatest thing for your career but you should always manage your expectations. What works for others might not work for you and in the end it all comes down to how hard you’re willing to work to get to where you want to be. Be determined and don’t give up, as success is comes to those who are patient.