Spring’s here and it’s time to spring clean! We can all admit to owning a few denim items that don’t look as good as they once have. These items often are hidden in the back of closets and are probably forgotten about. Grab a scissors and a sewing kit because we’re here to help you reinvent your old denim clothes. It’s time to completely transform your wardrobe!

Buying new clothes every season can be a real pain. Think of the money and time spent just looking for new pieces that you actually like. With reinventing your wardrobe you have the opportunity to use items that you already have and turn it into trendy new clothes.

The transforming ideas

Lighten your denims with bleach

Everyone has an old pair of jeans that are either too long, washed out or too small. The amazing thing with denim material is that there are so many different ways to transform it. If for instance, your denim jeans/jacket looks dated then try this amazing technique that will lighten it up in a few minutes, making it look brand new!


What you’ll need:

A large bucket
Hot water
Disposable gloves
Regular Bleach


1. Fill up the bucket halfway with water and then pour in some bleach. The bleach that is added should be poured up until ¾ of the bucket has been filled up. The reason that the bucket isn’t filled all the way to the top is that the jean/jacket still needs to go in.

2. Once you have poured the bleach into the water stir it thoroughly so that the 2 mix well together.

3. Put on the gloves and take the jean/jacket that you want to lighten and soak it in the bucket of bleach water.

4. The timing might be tricky, which is why you should keep an eye on your denim. Leaving it in the water for 5 minutes will give you a slight fade and leaving it for around 20 minutes will give you a more noticeable fade.

5. Stir often and for an even, consistent tone and make sure that the denim is well immersed in the water.

6. Remove denim from the water once you’re happy with the color and rinse thoroughly with cold water a few times. This step ensures that all bleach is washed out properly.

Turn a torn jeans into a denim clutch purse

A girl can never have too many shoes, handbags, and clothes! Parting with your old, torn jeans might not be as difficult as you think. Turn it into a beautiful, self-made handbag using this DIY guide. You will need an old pair of jeans, scissors, sewing kit, marker, ruler, zip and jewelry (optional)

1. Place your old jeans on a flat surface then carefully draw a horizontal line just under the crotch area.

2. Cut accurately on the line and you will basically be left with shorts.

3. For this part, you will need a big sewing pin and you will need to thread a large piece of cotton through the pin.

4. Sew the holes where your legs would normally go in. You will be left with a base to your bag.

5. Next up, add the zip by sewing it onto the waist area of the jeans and you’re good to go

6. This step is optional- to personalize your clutch purse add some bedazzled jewels and stick on with fabric glue

Create a new look by adding a few rips

If you’re tired of wearing the same old boring jeans then try reinventing them by adding a few rips. The concept of ripping jeans is easier than you think and all it takes is an old jean, a sharp scissors, and some tweezers.


1. Start out by deciding where exactly you want your jeans to be ripped. Place a pin to help mark the exact location.

2. Next, take your scissors and make a tiny slit horizontally.

3. Grab your tweezers and pluck out the threads where you have cut the jeans.

4. You will be left with white thread once all the blue thread has been removed. This might take some time but it’s totally worth it. You now have trendy ripped jeans!