Photographers are all different and each photographer has his/her own unique style- point noted. However, when it comes to equipment photographers generally have the same essentials that they keep on hand. These items might not seem that important but they come with the great essence of helping put a set together and also help you avoid dilemmas.

Cleaning your equipment frequently is important but sometimes it could slip your mind to wipe your lens before shooting. Being negligent with maintenance and cleaning of your camera/ equipment could cost you a lot in the long term. That’s why a lens cleaning cloth should always be packed in your bag so that can take clear pictures without any dusty molecules blocking your vision. The lens cleaning cloth should always be microfiber because of its soft texture, which avoids lens damage and scratches. Other important cleaning material that you should purchase is a quality cleaning solution and an air blower.


Pictures need to be well lit so that everyone can view the pictures captured with ease, which is why you should keep an external flash with you. An external flash comes in handy especially when shooting outdoors, especially on a cloudy and dull day. Now a lot of photographers will insist on using their built in camera flash, but the problem with this is that it doesn’t have the same effect of an external flash. It’s surprising how much more you can do with and external flash and how useful these bad boys really are!

One of the most essential items that every photographer should keep in their camera bag is extra batteries. This might sound like an obvious item to keep but trust me, even the best of us forget to load up on extra batteries! Think about this, you’re on set and your camera battery is running low which results in you being unable to take all the pictures required. This can cause a massive inconvenience to not only you, but your client as well! You will then have to reschedule another appointment-which is likely to frustrate your client. This will reflect poorly on you and your business and could even lead to the client rating you badly to other potential clients. This definitely is a small mistake that could have terrible consequences.

Just as important as it is to keep spare batteries, you should always keep extra memory cards with you when you’re on set. As a photographer you have the duty of delivering great, high quality pictures to your clients and taking larger images will obviously require a lot more memory. Invest in a few memory cards so that you don’t have to worry of running out of space; because essentially you don’t know how many pictures you will have to take to get the perfect shot! Also, it’s always better to have a few memory cards than just one big memory card, reason being that in the event of your memory card getting corrupted you have backups.

photographersGenerally speaking a tripod should be used in the following two instances; when composing group shots (e.g. at weddings) and when capturing attractions. Make use of tabletop tripods, clamp systems or travel tripods, depending on the set. It’s always worth paying a bit extra for a good carbon tripod as it will last you a lifetime and it’s far more stable. You can also easily brace the camera vertically against a wall to obtain blur free images. This essential item will save you the hassle of shutter vibrations, especially when paired with cable release.

With all this essential photography equipment you’re definitely going to need a place to store everything. When looking for a camera case/bag make sure to look for something that will have enough room for all of your items. The padding in the bag plays an important part as well, so make sure to look for a well cushioned bag in case your bag falls. Good padding will protect your equipment and help prevent any damages. It’s always better to put in a bit more cash to get a quality bag that not only suits your needs as a photographer but protects your gear.