If you are a tiny girl, you probably know that being a petite model comes with a few challenges. Clients may find you “too short” or “too small” for their campaigns and this can easily frustrate and disdain you.

While this can sometimes be annoying, you shouldn’t completely lose hope. The modeling industry has massively evolved over the last decade. It’s safe to say that there are a ton of advantages especially if you’re a petite model in 2018.

How being a petite model has revolutionized the industry

Over time, the definition of beauty has drastically changed. The world and the fashion/ modeling scene has finally realized that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

This has given women all over a major confidence boost. Gone are the days where you have to be super tall to make it as a model. Body activists and models have stood by, strongly in solidarity with women, giving them hope to make it regardless of what shape or size they might be.

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What does this mean for petite models?

This is good news for petite models because there is no more discrimination and jobs are easier to get than before.

Both agents and clients have become more welcoming to the idea of having petite models. There are no longer as many limitations; all that really matters is that you fit the criteria of what the client might be looking for.

Job opportunities and the demand for smaller models have gone up over the last 15 years. This is mainly because the industry has changed its mindset to something greater.

Ideal jobs for you if you’re a petite model

There are currently endless avenues for smaller models. Depending on what you prefer, we’ve composed a list of what will best suit your physic.

Become a catalog model

This is probably the most popular job that most models take. It’s an easy gig and a huge advantage because it allows you to be in control by choosing what parts of your body you want to model.

For example, you can choose to become a model who only photographs facial close-ups. Think about being a model for makeup brands and skincare products. This will be ideal if you’re petite because the audience will be unaware of your height and built.

Branch off into television

There are always a lot of models who further their career in television. This could be acting in commercials or getting gigs on TV shows. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone while gaining extra experience.

Acting could also help you get more exposure compared to regular modeling. More people will see you and as a result, more clients might book you.

The scope for petite models on TV has always been in high demand. Here, your size and shape won’t be an issue; as long as you audition for a part that fits the scene.

Become a model for relevant and relatable brands

With choosing this option you’re actually allowing yourself to build up to something greater.

Choose a brand that’s relevant and relatable to you. This brand could perhaps be a clothing brand that designs clothing for petite woman, or a brand that designs lingerie for tiny women. Whatever you choose, ensure that it’s a brand that you understand.

When you model for brands that you can relate to, everything becomes natural because you have a deeper understanding. Also, you can appeal to women who are a similar size to you which essentially will be great for the brand.

Be consistent with the brands you choose to work with

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Consistency is key. Become consistent and start developing professional relationships with brands you work with.

The main reason that this is so vital to your career is that it can be a stepping stone to other opportunities. For instance, if a brand you work with looks for a brand ambassador, chances are you will be on top of the list. To ensure that you make a good impression always!

Brands that hire petite models

Brands want to appeal to more people, which is why they have gotten on the band-wagon by hiring petite models. Here are a few top brands that hire smaller models.

  • H&M
  • Topshop
  • Lacoste
  • Hollister
  • ASOS