Falls in the air and winter’s around the corner which means that your wardrobe might need a quick season adjustment for the latest fall fashion trends. From London to Paris, fashion week has showcased some hot items that are not only chic but extremely trendy at the moment.

This season is about to see an array of different statement pieces that are making fashion headlines. Super models like Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing these items, which you’re either going to love, hate, or hate to love.  A lot of this seasons must have items are inspired from the past and are making a grand comeback. Sunglasses, plaid and even fanny packs are on the list of items you need to start incorporating in your wardrobe.

Fall Fashion flare pants

Style icon Victoria Beckham and model Winnie Harlow were both spotted at New York fashion week wearing flare legged denim jeans along with a plain white t-shirts. The flare pants are simple pieces but our sources say that they’re here to stay.

Verdict: We have to admit that from all the fall fashion trends, flare pants are great; simply because they are create a slimming illusion to the eye, making us love them even more!


Fall Fashion Sunglasses

The cat eyed and mini sunglasses were worn as the ultimate fashion accessory back in the 50’s and later in the 90’s. While they might not suite everybody they sure as hell are what the cool kids are wearing. Bella Hadid and sister Gigi have both been spotted wearing these sunglasses with both elegant and street style wear.

Verdict: The Mini and Cat Eyed sunglasses are trying hard to be brought back into fashion and we’re a little obsessed with them!

Fall Fashion Fanny Pack

Fanny packs, usually far from fashionable and mostly worn by older tourists and maybe even your dad on a bad fashion day have finally made it as a high fashion trend! Big brands like Gucci, Prada and Moschino have all participated in creating luxurious fanny packs and even the Jenner sisters have added it to their clothing line!

Verdict: While some might feel that the fanny pack could mean a wardrobe malfunction we beg to differ. This one’s definitely something we hate to love!

Fall Fashion Plaid Pants

Plaid has never really gone out of fashion and many celebs and models have been spotted wearing plaid skirts, shirts and blazers. Paris fashion week was one of the places where socialite Olivia Palermo wore her modest plaid pants along with a cape and she pulled it of gracefully.

Verdict: We love all things plaid because of its simplicity and ability to make any outfit look good. If there’s one must have fall fashion trend item you need, it has to be anything plaid.


Fall Fashion Fenty Makeup

While fashion is important, makeup also plays a huge part. Fenty is a current global obsession and if you’re not sure what all the hype’s about we here to give you the details. Created by Rihanna, Fenty is a makeup line that appeals to all women and the line caters to all skin tones. Rihanna has mentioned that the line was created so that everyone feels included.

Verdict: Rihanna has an excellent singing career and now that she’s started her own makeup line and made it diverse so that everyone can use her products, we applaud her. We definitely have a good feeling about this trend!

Loafers Fall Fashion 

Say goodbye to your pumps and hello to these essential shoes. The loafer slipper has some sort of sophistication to it; it tells the world that you’re fabulous without even trying. Popular designers like Gucci and Valentino are both well known for designing beautiful loafers that they like to pair with their outfits that are modeled on the runway.

Verdict: Not only are these stylish, but they have the tendency to be comfier than heels, making them trendy and also a massive win and fall fashion must have!

Fall Fashion Combat boots and dress

Better known to pair with urban outfits, the combat boots now take a U-turn from the norm. Worn at fashion week with pretty dresses and plaid pants, combat boots are a trend that creates just the right amount of edge to any wardrobe and outfit.

Verdict: Perfect for cold and rainy days, combat boots have always been a fashion favorite. This season a pair of combat boots will go a long way with almost anything in your closet, making it a must have item.