Successful models always knows what they’re doing and have complete control over their body movement. This control usually comes with a lot of practice and as a matter of face, can be mastered by just looking into the mirror.

What is Mirror work?

Mirror work is a simple exercise that many models partake in to help improve their modeling techniques.  This includes improving posing, facial movement and, body movement. It involves looking into the mirror and playing around with different poses to help master the art of modeling.

How often should this be done?

Typically speaking, if you’re a model you should practice at least once a day or whenever you have some free time. This task doesn’t have to take hours, but its good to put in some effort to see optimal results.


How it’s done:

At first, it might seem slightly strange but it will eventually come to you quite naturally. It’s as simple as looking directly in the mirror and focusing on different areas.

Each day of the week can be allocated to a different aspect to focus on. For example:

Monday- Facial Movement

Focus on facial movement; this could include different types of facial emotions and so on.

Tuesday- Body movement

Body movement is an essential part of modeling. This plays a huge role if a client asks for physical activity during a shoot. The best way to tackle this aspect is by grabbing a camera and recording each movement.  This will allow you to see what positions are flattering for your body and what positions should be avoided.

Wednesday- All about the angles

A good model knows his/her angles when shooting. This would involve adjusting the body and the face from different angles to see what works best. Find a “good side” and work on different poses and movement.

Thursday- Posing

A great method that can be used when practicing posing is to view other models. Check out a few different social media accounts to help get some inspiration. This will help create different ideas that can be tried out and mimicked. It’s important to try and keep all poses as unique and personal in order to remain individual.

Friday- Incorporate each of the areas

Reflect back to each of the areas and look back at what worked best. Now take each of the different movements and angles that were worked on and bring them all together. This will allow you to become versatile and more flexible.


How effective is this technique?

Being a model isn’t about just being a pretty face and having a good body. It’s so much more than that and in order to be successful, every model needs to know what works best for them. This plays a detrimental role, especially in photo-shoots.

This technique is rather important because it allows models to become more aware of their body language and their emotions. Once they have become more conscious, they have the potential to be great at any job set out for them.

How will this help your career as a model?

For starters, it will help a great deal because as a model you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Your job won’t be compromised and you will be able to instantly get on set and do what you need to do.


Saves time

Many a time photographers give models directions and this could potentially waste a lot of time. Yes, sure a little guidance is important, but no one wants to keep on giving directions. As a model is vital to know what you’re doing and practicing some mirror work can make all the difference in the world.

Helps with getting jobs done efficiently

It might sound like a lot of commitment, but it will be well worth it in the long run. It’s always good being the model who knows what they’re doing than the model that’s completely lost. Clients, agents, and photographers also prefer working with models that have experience when it comes to doing the job.

It will open up more avenues


Clients and photographers are likely to recommend models that they’ve had great encounters with. This can easily open up more job opportunities and one step closer to being a bigger model.