Modeling Light Magazine is proud to announce the release of our first issue! December 13th 2017 is a momentous occasion for us as we put our hard work out there for all to read and enjoy! We have had the wonderful privilege of having submissions for everything from Model Features, to Selfie Search and even a couple of editorials! As we release of the inaugural issue of Modeling Light Magazine, we are always looking for submissions for our next issue.

Modeling Light Magazine is a quarterly magazine and the next issue (Spring 2018) will be released in the middle of March! We hope to see more and more submissions from everyone on anything they would like to share with the fashion industry! Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists and Hairdressers are all asked to submit their work for a chance at a feature or editorial if you really have something to say!

We will be adding more sections to the magazine as time goes on, and one of those sections that we are hoping to add is the “Night Mare Photo Shoots” section. See our submission page for more information on this! Please sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when there are more sections announced!