You’ve got a long day ahead of you and the last thing you want to do is touch up your makeup every couple of hours. Besides- who even has time for that?! There are so many other things that you need to take care off and carrying makeup around in your handbag is just annoying.

Generally speaking, makeup usually lasts for 6-7 hours before wearing off and making you look tired. You might notice your eyeliner smudging and your foundation drying out, leaving a cakey effect. There are plenty of long-lasting makeup products currently on the market, but these could be pricey if you’re on a budget. We’ve come up with a few simple tricks that you can use to make your makeup last all day.

#1 Keep the skin well hydrated


This top secret tip for helping prolong makeup is inspired by the7 step Korean skincare regime. Basically, the routine is said to be excellent for the skin and here’s how you can use it to perfect your makeup.

Prep your skin with a water-based emulsion/ serum; this will keep the skin from drying out throughout the day. Thereafter apply a moisturizer to lock in the serum and hydration. When your skin is well hydrated you will notice that makeup stays on for longer and looks more polished.

#2 Primer


Getting your skin ready before applying makeup is essential, and that’s exactly what a primer is used for.

The point of using a primer is to give the makeup a better grip on the skin. The primer creates a smooth canvas to work with and helps cover up pores and other imperfections when applying concealer. This also allows the foundation to settle better and helps the makeup last longer. After applying a primer you will notice that your skin almost absorbs the makeup so that it looks more natural.

#3 Setting powder


Once the concealer and foundation have been applied, make use of a good setting powder. Setting powders will prevent creases from forming during the day. Pay close attention to the area underneath the eye, this area creases most after applying makeup.

#4 Use hair wax to keep eyebrows in place


Not only is this a beauty trick, but an incredible life hack! Eyebrows have been a thing for a while now and keeping them neat and in place has never been easier. The best part is that hair wax is quite cheap and lasts forever!

Remember that a little goes a long way when applying hair wax to your brows. Hair wax is quite concentrated so you will just need a small amount for your eyebrows. Make sure to warm the wax up by rubbing it in between your fingers; this will prevent any clumpy bits.

#5 The trick to great lashes


This genius tip has two parts to it: the heat and the hairspray.

For the heat part, you will need to take a hair dryer and carefully face it in the direction of your eyelash curler. The idea is to get the eyelash curler slightly warm (not hot) so that it can curl the lashes. It’s extremely important to test the curler on the tip of your finger to ensure that it doesn’t burn you. Once the eyelash curler has cooled down and is slightly war gently curl your lashes.

After you’ve curled your eyelashes, take the eyelash curler and put it out at arm’s length to spray it with some hairspray. It’s best to use a strong hold spray as this will guarantee good results throughout the day. After spraying the lash curler bring it close to the lash hairline and curl away.

*Keep the hairspray away from your eyes and only spray on the eyelash curler.

#6 Setting spray


After you have applied a full face of makeup make sure to grab some setting spray. This product works wonders especially on those long days when you just don’t have time to touch up your makeup.

Setting sprays basically hold your makeup intact and keeps everything smudge free. The best part about setting sprays is that they provide an instant freshness to the skin and last for a good couple of hours.