You might have previously read a lot of different articles with tons of different model tips. While all these articles and posts are helpful, most of them forget to talk about a really important issue; self-care.

Modeling has always been portrayed as a glamorous job and people often fail to realize that it’s so much more than that. The mental, emotional and physical strength that goes into being a model is often overlooked.

Like every other job, modeling comes with its own challenges. While challenges are good for your personal growth, stress and pressure can be unhealthy. Your health and well-being can easily be affected by stress, which is why it’s highly beneficial to take a step back and give yourself a little time out.

Whether you agree or not, self-care is something that everyone needs. It involves being kind to yourself, accepting yourself and loving yourself. Try following our self-care modeling tips at least once a month; you’ll be surprised at what a massive impact it can have.

Every successful model follows a strict plan; being healthy, being fit and being in a positive place. We have combined a guide that can help you achieve all these, in order to strive as a model.


Set achievable goals for yourself

Create a vision board that helps you focus on what you want and where you want to be. This can be a short-term or long-term vision. Your vision board should include goals and a plan of action.

Setting goals for yourself are important, it gives you a purpose and it gives you a plan of how to get what you want. If you’re unsure of what exactly you want to achieve as a model then go out and explore. There are so many different options and you just have to find the niche that you like best.

Have a routine if you can

The life of a model can be crazy and a bit chaotic, but you should always try to set a routine to follow. Your daily routine should be well balanced with work and time to yourself.

Have a set bedtime and try to get 6-8 hours of beauty sleep every night. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy and leads to low concentration levels, which will negatively impact your career.

Reflection is a necessity

Almost every self-help book talks about how important it is to reflect. Reflection allows you to go back in time to see what exactly you have done and how you can improve.

Reflection can be done once a week and it doesn’t need to take that long. Just close your eyes and give yourself a quick recap of everything that has happened. This exercise is great for professional growth and it’s highly beneficial.
Believe in yourself, even when you’re in doubt

Everyone has something they battle with but strength can get you through anything. As a model, you’re constantly faced with a lot of judgment and critics.

Going through bad job experiences can impact on you negatively, be it a bad casting or just a horrible client. These negative experiences should be channeled into something positive. For example, let’s say that a client told you that you have too many stretch marks to get the gig; sure this is a terrible thing to say but use this experience for something greater! Maybe create a women’s only campaign that helps empower and embrace women of all sizes and shapes.

Pamper yourself with few of your favorite treats

modelDo something selfishly for yourself- it doesn’t have to be something expensive. Think of it as a self-investment. Doing small things for yourself constantly allows you to have some downtime and helps with stress management.

There are so many different things that you can do that can do, like staying in your pajamas and watching a movie or giving yourself a foot spa treatment at home. The options are endless; do what makes you happy!

Its okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes but don’t ever let the pressure get to you. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to. Don’t give up and don’t stop believing in yourself- greatness awaits!