“Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only few will make a good lasting impression” Sonya Parker 

It’s the night before your long awaited casting and your tummy is filled with butterflies while your brain literally overthinks everything. You have thoughts such as, what are you going to wear, how much makeup should you wear and how can you be the model that stands out and actually gets the gig?! An important point to remember when your brain is racing with these thoughts is that simplicity is key. You want to impress the casting agents with your talent and personality so that you make a lasting impression.

There’s a very fine line when it comes to wearing just the right amount of makeup and the right outfit which is why our team has compiled a list to help you out.

  • Wear clothes that fit you

Nothing is worse than having a model who doesn’t know her size. Whatever you wear shouldn’t be massively baggy or excruciatingly tight either. Make sure that your clothes fit you correctly so that your figure and built can be seen.

  • Wear neutral or earthy tones

Don’t dress like you’re off to a carnival, instead wear colors that are subtle. This allows the people in charge of the casting to see what you really look like without causing them any distractions. Pair up a white top with white pants or a skinny jeans white a classic white/black t-shirt. The simpler your outfit, the easier it is to be noticed and evaluated.

* Avoid mini-skirts and showing too much of cleavage.

  • Natural makeup

Dramatic makeup is a big no-no when it comes to castings; ensure that all makeup is natural. Use of concealer (slight foundation for any cover ups is okay), a nude lipstick and a tint of blush is ideal. Remember that your face needs to be a blank canvas so that makeup artists can see what they will be working with.

  • No flats, only medium height heels

Don’t ever be seen at a casting wearing flats or sneakers as this might make casting agents feel like you’re not model material. Wear a heel that compliments your legs, but make sure it’s not a super high heel.  Don’t wear wedges or platform sandals either as these aren’t appealing at a casting. Try wearing a nude stiletto to elongate your legs. It’s vital that you can walk in your heels, as no one wants Bambi on set.

  • Keep your hair away from your face or opt for a simple blowout

Giving casting agents a good look at your face is what is required, therefore put your hair up in an elegant bun or tie it up away from your face.  A simple blowout would work well too.

  • No Bling and accessories 

This should go without saying, don’t go in wearing any glittery or sequins jewelry/accessories as this will divert attention. Avoid bulky necklaces and bangles, however If you feel that you really do want to accessories then wear a pair of dainty studded earrings.

  • Avoid tanning before a casting

Casting agents need to see the natural you- your natural complexion could be what they are looking for, which means that you shouldn’t do any tanning prior to a casting, not even a fake tan.

With all of that been said, the most important thing to remember to wear is a smile and have fun. Be friendly and polite and everyone will love you. Make sure to walk in with confidence and make eye contact when talking.

Always do your homework before attending a casting. This shows that you are determined and it will also score you some brownie points if you know more about those you’re trying to impress. Shake of the nerves by doing simple breathing exercises and keep telling yourself that you can do it. Other than that, the best advice that can be given is simply to be the best version of you and always look presentable.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any other tips that work for you and you would want to share them with other models, leave us a comment.