Every season blossoms a troop of aspiring models who are determined to make their mark in the fashion industry. This year was a little different and some of the new talent was actually discovered by accident. We take a look at possibly all the newest, hottest model portfolios right now who have booked major shows at fashion week and give you some tips that you can inspired by their portfolios.

Abigail Leigh
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From: Florida

Abigail is one of the models that were discovered by complete accident. She was at the doctor’s office and makeup artist discovered the young beauty. After being discovered she was already wanted by huge designers to walk their shows. Her model portfolio is already looking impressive, as she’s walked for Elie Saab, Victoria Beckham and Christian Dior.

What you can learn: Sometimes it’s about being in right place at the right time. Always look your best when going out (even if it’s at the doctor’s office) because you never know who you might bump into. When approached by talent managers or casting agents always make sure that they are who they say they are and don’t give consent to anything up until you’re a hundred percent sure.

Léa Julian
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From: France

The perfectly structured model was previously an athlete who till today still plays badminton, basketball and baseball. She was later scouted and left her hometown of Toulouse to make it in fashion. Her career began at 16 where she modeled for Valentino in the fall of 2015 and continued to walk for other leading brands. This year was her busiest so far as she managed to walk 40 different collections which include Versace, Prada and Loewe.

What you can learn: Always stay grounded and lead a well-balanced life. Even if you’re busy, make sure to put some time aside for things you enjoy. The less stressed you are, the better you are at your job.

Amber Witcomb
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From: England

Nothing is more captivating than the perfect smile and Amber has already got that down. The 21 year old loves musicals and took part in all the musical productions in high school. She has now moved on to bigger things and her model portfolio already includes opening for Dries Van Noten, walking for Prada, Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen and Balenciaga.

What you can learn: Always be determined to achieve what you have set your heart out for. The bigger your dreams the harder you have to work. Find a way to remain motivated even on the toughest days.

Shujing Zhou
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From: China

Shujing has an edge to her which is captivating, especially when she does runways. Her style is always changing and she describes herself as a chameleon. The 21 year old always pushes the boundaries and goes the extra mile to keep her clients happy, she once done an underwater photo-shoot without knowing how to swim. She worked in a few shows this season, Balenciaga being one of them.

What you can learn: Being different and quirky isn’t ever a problem, if anything it’s actually a blessing! Be original and be who you are, you never know who will admire your personal sense of style.

Fernanda Oliveira
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From: Brazil

Born in the land of super models, Fernanda is no stranger to the fashion and modeling industry. She is still new to the scene and was spotted walking the runway last fall in São Paulo. Her plans are to follow her dreams in fashion and she plans on perusing her career by being a model at the four fashion capitals.

Lex Herl
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From: America

Lex has been the model that was at the top of the list for every casting director; mainly because no matter what she wore, she pulled it off graciously. Her facial structure and strong, effortless walk also contribute greatly to making her one of the hottest models to be on the lookout for. Balmain, Fendi , Valentino and Alexander Wang have all been added to the list of brands she has worked with so far.

What you can learn: Practice on having a great posture and a good walk as these 2 things are what make or break a career in the industry.