There are so many modeling myths and misconceptions that people have about models and the industry as a whole. Gone are the days where you have to be a size zero to make it as a successful model. We find out just what these myths are and if there is any truth behind them.

People often assume that in order to be a model you have to look a certain way. There is an inaccurate image portrayed of the “perfect” woman, who is tall, beautiful and has an exemplary figure. However, the definition of beauty has evolved to so much more than just that.

Modeling myth #1- You have to be young to be a model

In the market, there’s scope for all ages and genders; men, women, young and old. There are no rules that make mention of any such generalization. Being a model doesn’t mean that you have to youthful, at the end of the day it’s what clients are looking for.

Think about it this way, the world is filled with different people and each of these people needs someone who they can relate to. Now think about a 40-year-old woman who perhaps wants to buy a few anti-aging beauty products. It’s would be impossible for her to relate to a 20-year-old woman who hasn’t experienced aging yet. Therefore, companies will hire models whom their target market can relate to.

Modeling myth #2- Models are all anorexic and starve themselves

modeling myth

There’s no doubt that that eating disorders are real but stereotyping and calling out all models for having eating disorders is unacceptable. Many people fail to realize that each and every person is built differently and everyone follows different daily routines.

Models have it a whole lot tougher because they have to train and eat correctly daily to look the way that they do. Eating balanced diets that are filled with lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins are part of their daily diets. Working hard and training religiously also play a huge role in their lifestyles. The determination and dedication that goes into this are endless!

Modeling myth #3- Models have an easy life

Sure, the catwalk is a glamorous place and having a beauty squad sounds like a dream. Reality is models have to work twice as hard to make a living. Meeting with clients, booking gigs and going to castings certainly is no walk in the park.

Models always need to be on their A-game and jobs don’t come around as easily as 9-5 office jobs. Making it as a model takes plenty of hard work, networking and the lifestyle isn’t easy as many expect it to be.

Modeling myth #4- You have to be tall to make it as a model

This mega myth is untrue- think Lily-Rose Depp (5 ft 3 in), Devon Aoki (5 ft 5 in) and Sofia Richie (5 ft 6 in). These remarkable models have all gone on to model for brands like Burberry, Kenzo, Yeezy and a lot more.

While it is universally known that runway models need to be somewhere between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches, it certainly isn’t a prerequisite. Modeling agencies have tossed the idea and are now open to models of different heights. They’re focused on hiring models who are charismatic, professional and who have great potential.

Being on the shorter side doesn’t mean that you’ll be less successful as a model. There are plenty of other options to look at besides runway such as commercial modeling, lingerie and swimsuit modeling.

Modeling myth #5- All models have to be skinnymodeling myth


This might have been a prerequisite a good few years ago but it isn’t the case anymore. There are so many gorgeous models that are on the curvy side, making the industry a complete game changer.

Body activist, Ashley Graham is one such model who has owned her curves and shut down body slammers. She stands as an inspiration to many women who lack confidence and suffer from body image issues. The plus-sized model has been featured in Sports Illustrated magazine; which is a massive milestone in the industry!