There’s no lie in saying that some clients might be a complete nightmare to work with. Every career has its challenges and one of the biggest challenges models face is trying to impress their clients. There’s a fine line between trying to impress your clients and sucking up, which could often lead to you feeling miserable and unhappy. In this guide we highlight some key elements that models can use to assist them when trying to please clients.

Being punctual and on time for meetings is a small step that reflects boldly on you. When you’re meeting with a client try your best to be 10 minutes earlier as this shows that you’re determined and serious about the job. Many times models don’t realize that arriving even just a minute late could lead to a frustrated client who probably thinks that you’re inconsiderate. Avoid this mishap at all costs and leave home earlier in case there’s traffic or an accident on the way.

Pack all your essentials the night before your meeting so that you don’t forget anything. Have your portfolio in order and start with some preparing. It’s always a good idea to go over instructions given to you so that you can have a game plan and strategy of what you’re going to do. This helps especially if you’re going to a shoot and it makes everything easier once you know what to do and how to do it.

On the day of meeting your clients focus on positivity, create a few positive thoughts and acquire a positive outlook; this is something that certainly won’t go unnoticed. When clients get a good vibe from you they’ll want to be around you more because of the energy you bring to the surroundings, thus creating a happy and positive work environment. Be efficient at what you do by accomplishing all the clients’ objectives without any complaints.


If you’re unhappy with something it’s always best to discuss solutions instead of complaining. When approaching your client or voicing your opinions do it in a respective yet constructive way. Talk about methods to resolve the issues until you’re both satisfied. Better yet come up with an idea that can fix the problem, this will prove that you’re professional and a problem-solver.

After all issues are resolved you can now concentrate on the objective of the modeling gig. Work closely with the photographer and take direction and instructions given to you. Listening is an important part of a modeling job, do that correctly and half your job is done! Focus on the clients’ vision so that you can deliver perfection. When you’re not sure about something don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions will help you throughout your modeling process because you will constantly be learning all you need to know. This will show that you have an interest in the brand and also that you take your modeling job seriously.

If for example you’re modeling hats, than it’s your responsibility to take care of the items you’re modeling. Treat all props and items with care so that you don’t have the misfortune of damaging anything. In the unfortunate event of breakages offer to repair/ replace items, this shows you’re client that you are responsible.

While on set treat everyone with respect and avoid drama at all costs. Walk in with a smile and greet those around you, this will ease things up and everyone will feel more comfortable. Take note of those involved (on set) and try and make their jobs easier by following instructions. In the long run you’ll be remembered as the friendly model that was easy to work with, which will impress everyone.

Grab your client coffee on the last day and thank them for giving you the opportunity to work with them. During this time a great way to impress them is by telling them all you’ve learnt from the modeling opportunity they’ve given you. Speak about how you will implement all the new things you’ve learnt in your future modeling career. This will leave a great lasting impression which is exactly what you want!