A Portfolio or “Book”

A portfolio is a collection of the best work a model wants to present to potential clients. Avoid cluttering your portfolio with anything besides the required photographs. You don’t want it to be full of junk that may distract the client from your work. Make sure it stays neat and is regularly updated so that a client isn’t misled about your features or abilities.

Makeup Basics for Touching Up

When attending a go-see, a model should always arrive with a minimally makeup clad face. If there was ever a time to utilize all of those “no makeup” makeup tutorials, then this is it. Covering every blemish is unnecessary as the potential client wants to see what they will work with daily. That’s not to say however that you aren’t allowed to spruce up your natural features. A light coverage BB cream is perfect for blurring pores and correcting any slight redness. It can also provide a nice glow or dewiness to the skin based on your preference. If you opt to use mascara, stick to brown or a clear coat to elongate the lashes and frame the eyes. Avoid contouring and any deep or bright colors. Blotting sheets are especially recommended when running between castings.

Neat nails

First impressions say a lot, and for a model even more so. As in most professional situations, appearing clean and prepared is very important. One feature often forgotten are finger and toe nails. They should always be well trimmed, unblemished and clean. Never show up to a casting with chipped or peeled nail polish. Untidy nails can not only hint at lacking personal hygiene, but poor time management and upkeep. These are not ideas that any professional model wants assumed about their work.

Clothing and Accessories

Remaining minimal is present throughout every aspect of a go-see. This applies to clothing and accessories as well. Dress to your body type not your personal style; garments should be body hugging but not tight. You want to accentuate your body type, not hide or flaunt it, but to inspire the client with opportunities for you. Jewelry is simply unnecessary, there’s no reason to dress up and it can hinder your natural appearance. Wedding rings or bands are fine, but gaudy earrings or necklaces should be kept at home.

Nude and Black/White Undergarments

When attending a casting, the client may request a model to be in their undergarments to best see their body type or to take measurements. In this situation, any brightly colored or lace undergarments are considered unprofessional and inappropriate for the setting. Always have a range of nude, black or white undergarments. In case the company provides the undergarments, it is also best to be prepared with your own panty liners for cleanliness.

Bottled water and snacks

When running around for a full day of go-sees it’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up. Have a small assortment of snacks and a water bottle to keep you going. Nuts, fruit and snack bars or a salad are best to avoiding bloating or feeling sick from junk food. This will also help you avoid becoming irritated from hunger. When you do need to take a break for a snack, make sure it’s on your own time. Plan it around seeing a client and never eat while wearing a client’s garments.

A Map or Cellphone with GPS

One of the best ways to keep your day flowing while getting the most out of it is to expedite your day. Before it approaches, have a plan and make sure to stick to it. A flustered or late model isn’t the most professional. Always makes sure you have two options. A cellphone isn’t the most reliable so have a handheld map just in case. Power banks are also a great purchase to ensure a cellphones reliability.

Flats and Heels

High heels are the only pair of shoes that should be worn in front of a prospective client. Not only is it professional, but they elongate and flatter the legs. However, it is unrealistic to wear heels all day when planning to walk frequently. Keep a pair of professional flats in your bag so that you can catch a break whenever possible. Put your heels on before going to a go-see but never fumble with them at the door.

Hair Products

Like the recommended clothing, a models hair should be kept simple and clean. A sleek high pony or naturally styled hair is best. In the case of an emergency, and for the sake of upkeep, its best to have a few hair products on hand. A brush or comb is standard, but bobby pins or hair ties to keep your hair out of your face are important. A dry shampoo and hairspray can be equally handy in case of a full day or varying weather conditions.

Body Products

Its undeniable that when running around on a busy day we may need a quick touch up. Between castings, have makeup remover and lotion on hand to stay on top of your game. Deodorant is especially important depending on the weather and how quickly you may have to move around. Make sure to avoid streaky armpits or transferable gels, and use an aerosol spray. If you plan on taking a lunch break or having a snack, then make sure to pack some floss and mouthwash to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. It’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst!

A Smile!

There’s nothing more important than having a happy and excited appearance. Remember to wear your best smile in front of a client; they want to know that you want to be there and are striving for success! If you appear joyful and ambitious, then it signals the client that you will work hard and keep an overall cheerful demeanor despite adversity.