Modeling seems like an easy job, right? Wrong! There is so much more to it than just being a pretty face. A models etiquette, professionalism and overall manner in which she/he conducts themselves to others within the industry makes up a massive part of the job.

Where to begin?

The first and most important thing that you should do is plan. Ask yourself a few questions like, what type of model you would want to be (print or commercial), what would you be comfortable modeling in (swimsuit or catalogue) and who would you appeal to (plus size, petite or somewhere in the middle). Once you’ve answered these questions the work begins.

Build a portfolio.

Once you’ve answered the above questions it’s time to build a portfolio. You have two options that you can use depending on your budget. If you have some cash to spare then definitely hire a professional photographer, however if you’re strapped for cash then you can get a friend who takes decent pictures to help you out. All you really need is a phone or camera that produces good quality pictures.

What sort of pictures should you take?

Getting good photos is essential to a models portfolio, so follow the guideline below to ensure you’re your portfolio is excellent.
• Make sure that all photos are clear; do not edit any pictures or use any filters.
• The first picture to work on is your headshot. In the headshot try and flaunt your bone structure. Relax your face; make sure your hair is out of your face and smile (showing your teeth). Don’t wear any hats or sunglasses and try to wear minimal makeup. Make sure that you DO NOT pout
• The second picture needed is a side portrait. In the side portrait you need to showcase your jawline so keep your hair out of your face.
• The third photo that needs to be taken is a full length picture. Stand up straight, elongate your neck and keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Wear clothes that fit you and do not wear any baggy clothes that hide your figure.

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Build yourself up.

There are so many social media platforms out there that can be used at your disposal. Start up social media accounts and post relevant pictures that are of excellent quality frequently. This will not only build up your name and brand but it will also get you some great exposure as a model and may even get you scouted. Many famous models have been discovered on Instagram, such as Matthew Noszka who has already modeled for a few famous brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford and Monclear.

Find an agency to represent you.

The best way to find an agency is by doing some research online. There are plenty of modeling agencies but make sure to find one that is close to your area. Meet up with a few different agencies before picking one, this will allow you to see who you vibe with and who gets your vision. An important thing to do before picking an agency is to find out more about them. Ask around or find out online if anyone has had any problems with the agency you plan on choosing, this will help a great deal before making any decisions. It’s important for all models to feel a connection with their chosen modeling agent.

Some final bit of advice.

Before meeting any potential clients make sure you know more about them and research their product, it’s also important that you know how to pronounce the name of their brand/company as this shows that you respect their brand. Go in with a smile and be friendly so that clients have clarity that you’re not a diva. Always be professional and easy to work with as this will leave a lasting impression.

Before signing and accepting any contracts make sure that you read the terms and conditions so that you know what you’re getting into. Lastly, have fun at what you do!