This is our first official submission theme we are opening for our readers! This submission is for just about everyone! We are also sure that you all will have one of these stories to tell!

Nightmare Photo Shoots!

I know that most people that have been part of a photo or video shoots have had to deal with a nightmare situation at some point! Whether it was a shoot that had been planned forever and the weather didn’t co-operate. There is always the fun times that equipment completely fails. How about when the model shows up to a photoshoot with great hair and makeup, then you get on location and the weather has turned her hair into a frizz that would be perfect for a shampoo advertisement! Well, that would be, of course, if you weren’t shooting a shampoo commercial!

Whether you are a model, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, or an agent that was unlucky enough to be present at a really bad photo shoot or video shoot you are invited to submit to this theme!  Everyone has had something go wrong that slowed down a shoot, or completely screwed it up! There are some fun photos that get taken, but usually they are quite unusable! This will be your chance to use them! We would love to hear your stories and see any images that you were able to take even though Murphy was stepping all over your efforts!

Even the worst of situations can be shared and used to teach others of things to pay attention to and how to turn really bad events into great photo shoots! Even if the worst weather shows up to a shoot where you are prepared for bright sunny skys, great images and video can still be had if you know how to be flexible and make the most of it! Share your photographs and your stories so that others can learn what you have learned from them!

The best stories will be used in the magazine, giving all involved exposure and credit in print and in the digital edition! Other stories which we find to be interesting or teach great lessons will be shared on the blog for everyone to benefit!

We can’t wait to see what your submission and hear what you have been through and what you have learned!