Jumping into a photography career can be exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re starting out and have no clue what you’re doing. Plenty of new photographers find it tough getting on their feet and establishing themselves in the market; which is why being a freelancer is highly advisable.

Freelance photographers enjoy many perks and conveniences, mainly due to the fact that they can do extra work when they have the time. The reason that this is ideal for new photographers is that they can still have regular jobs while slowly starting off with photography on the sideline.

A massive advantage of freelancing is having the certainty to having financial stability while being flexible with working hours. Besides, the photography market is quite competitive for newbies which makes it quite difficult to find a job that pays well. For this particular reason, new photographers should only quit their regular jobs once they have complete assurance that they will be financially secure from their photography gigs.

Working independently allows freelance photographers to grow and see their full potential. In this time one can see what they enjoy and dislike most about photography. This creates direction as to what areas to avoid and what areas to specialize in as a photographer. A great part of this is the ability to constantly switch things up every now and then and challenge oneself to get more creative.

While freelancing, photographers can pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses. The reason that this is highly beneficial is that it simplifies the process of getting you more jobs. For example; if you enjoy doing wedding photography then chances are you will probably book more wedding gigs than commercial gigs. Clients will also feel at ease after seeing your portfolio which has mostly wedding photography.  This allows you to focus on whatever it is you want without adding pressure.


All photographers need potential clients who will book them and later refer them to their friends. The best way to meet new and potential clients is through networking. Networking is an extremely successful strategy and if done well enough can guarantee clients of a lifetime. These clients can help you build a potential clientele database, which can be used when opening a photography studio of your own at a later stage.

Starting up as a freelancer doesn’t cost much money either. There are only a few necessities required and you can splurge on camera gear as you go along and make more money. Many young photographers are opting to freelance for this particular reason as it’s the practical solution.

Among the plentiful pros lie two crucial factor; gaining experience and being your own boss. When applying for jobs, experience plays a key role and with freelancing as a photographer you will be guaranteed to have a lot of experience. Being your own boss can either be a blessing or a curse as this will require some self-discipline. Not having to report to a senior manager or a boss allows you to learn from the experience. There might be mistakes or hiccups along the way, but this will only improve you and teach you more.

Final pointers

-Undoubtedly being a freelance photographer is the way to go when starting out. It allows new photographers to differentiate themselves and build themselves up.

-Starting out can be scary and the general salary might not be as good as anticipated; which is why freelancing can be a great alternative.

-Having the choice of when to work and who to work with is great as this gives a lot more freedom and flexibility.

-Not having a boss can be an advantage, as long as you’re disciplined and can separate work from play.

-As you get more experience you can branch off into other areas of interest and push the boundaries to try new creative ideas.

-You will have the chance to build up your own name and become a reputable photographer. This will help long term for when you do decide to open up your own business.

-No incurrence of debt as there are no exorbitant start-up costs, all you really need is your camera and you can easily build on gear as you more clients.