Starting out in the modeling industry requires you to send submissions to different modeling agencies. While this process can be fun, it’s important to ensure that everything looks professional. For new models, this can easily become tricky due to lack of experience. This blog post focuses on all things related to submissions and has tons of tips for both new and experienced models.

Do some research beforehand

Before attempting to send in a submission it’s important to read up on the agency. This will allow you to find out more about who they are and what their values are, giving you a better understanding. Next, always check if the agency is legitimate- try finding reviews from other models. The best way to find out if something or someone is legit is by going online and investigating.

Once everything has checked out, it’s time to get the submission process started.


Get in touch with the agency

This is another important step- you can get in touch telephonically or via email. Find out if they are open to submissions before sending them anything. You might also want to find out exactly what type of models they represent (plus sizes, male only, female only, kids etc.) so that you know if you are the right fit.

After you’ve established whether or not you are a fit for the agency, find out what their preferred method of receiving submissions is. Make certain to only send your submission through their chosen method, i.e. email, mail, other online methods etc.

Get great photos

Getting excellent quality photos is probably one of the most important things when sending through submissions. Photos should be crystal clear and we would advise using a professional photographer to help capture everything you need.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a photographer, then read our post on how to take professional photos with a smartphone camera. However, we would still advise our model readers to use a proper photographer- it’s a great investment.

Look like yourself

It’s shocking just how editing and makeup can make a person look completely different. Keep things simple and avoid wearing heaps of makeup. Obviously, makeup is allowed; just keep it to a bare minimum for covering up acne, blemishes or other skin conditions.

With regards to hairstyles, keep it simple and opt for a simple blowout. Abstain from wearing weaves, extensions or braids; this will obstruct agents from getting to see what you truly look like.

Wear the right clothes


Modeling agencies need to see your actual body shape when viewing your submissions. A good choice of clothes to wear is skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Avoid wearing loose pants and baggy t-shirts because this will make it very difficult for those viewing your pictures.

Another important thing to remember is to keep things professional and dress appropriately. Do not wear provocative clothes or submit nude pictures, unless otherwise stated.

Send in your details

Don’t forget to send in all your measurements when sending in submissions. The measurements that are required are:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Bust size
  • Hip size
  • Dress size
  • Waist size

These measurements are a pre-requisite and should not at any cost be forgotten. You should also include your age, contact details, location, nationality and whether or not you’ve been represented by another modeling agency.

Submissions should look professional

Ensure that all submissions sent to agencies look professional. Photos and details should be precise and to the point. Do not use highlighters, color pens/ pencils or decorations. Provide documents that are neat and of great quality. These small details will reflect positively on you and those viewing your submission will take you a lot more serious.



Sending in a submission isn’t a difficult task, but there are a few guidelines that should be followed. Remember to look professional and do not over-edit any photos. Contact details should always be included. When submitting anything, always directly address the person/ agency so that they know that you’re serious. Make your first impression a memorable one.