Great skin never goes out of fashion, that’s why you should start looking after yours ASAP. Not only is it a lifetime investment but you’ll look good and feel great too! Gone are the days where you have to splurge on skin-care creams and treatments to get clear skin. We’ve composed a wonderful guide that you can follow to get healthier skin.

Don’t go to bed with makeup on

As tempting as it might be don’t do it! Sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no; it aggravates breakouts, acne and even fine lines. When makeup is left on overnight the skin is unable to breathe and causes clogged pores. The skins surface becomes dull and unhealthy due to a build-up of dirt.

Remove makeup with makeup wipes and thereafter cleanse and tone the skin. Using a rich serum or night cream will help nourish the skin.

Introduce an SPF moisturizer to your skincare regime

Age spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation can easily become a nuisance, however, they can be prevented. Slow down the skins aging process by using a 30+ SPF 2-3 times daily.

Whenever your skin is exposed to direct sunlight you’re at risk of the UV light damage. Sunscreen is vital to use and it increases the longevity of the skin. When shopping around for SPF lotions make sure to purchase one according to your skin type. Another great option is using a BB or CC cream that will provide a tint.

Hands off

Most of us are guilty of unknowingly touching our faces multiple times during the day. This habit should be broken because of the germs and bacteria that are on our hands.

Bacteria can easily be transferred to open pores which will lead to a build-up of excess oil and dirt. This will result in a few unwanted zits popping up on the skin, which isn’t ideal. If you really have to touch your face, make sure that your hands have been washed.

Quit smoking

We’ve all heard about the dangers of smoking so it’s time to quit! Not only is smoking bad for your health but it’s bad for your skin as well. Smoking causes premature aging due to collagen reduction and discoloring of the skin.

Instead of smoking try out other healthy stress busters, like working out. Not only will this improve your overall health but it will draw out toxins from the body; leaving you with great skin.

Go natural

Instead of using expensive creams opt for natural, organic products. Not only are they cheaper but they’re just as effective. Some natural ingredients such as turmeric, papaya, and coconut oil are great to use for radiant skin.

Try this quick and easy home-made mask for natural glowing skin:



Keep your skin and body hydrated

Having great skin means drinking plenty of water and physically keeping your skin well hydrated. Not only should you be drinking plenty of water but you should also be moisturizing your skin. There are a few natural oils that can be used on the skin to improve hydration- coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil

Olive oil is great for the skin because of its anti-oxidants, which help restore and protect the skin. Studies have shown that olive oil is a great substitute for cosmetic moisturizers. They are highly recommended, especially to those who have combination- dry skin. Drinking a tablespoon of olive oil or applying it directly to the skin is highly beneficial.

Freeze your zits


Yes, you’ve read that correctly! Popping zits are awfully painful and you’re often left with hideous acne scars. This top-secret trick works wonderfully on cystic acne and reduces inflammation quickly. Grab an ice cube and wrap it in a thin towel or cloth. Gently massage over a pimple until the ice has melted. Repeat 1-2 times a day.

Ice can also be used regularly on the face to help shrink enlarged pores. This game-changing tip will help you get natural matte looking skin.