Even while being off-duty, supermodels manage to still look ridiculously incredible. Their tailored pants and cutting-edge outfits always work together creating ultra-cool trends. The cultural obsession is viral and street style clothing is the new hit. Models are now been seen as creative beings who express themselves through clothing. This can arguably be seen as a form of art, as different textures and colors are paired together to create trendy looks.

Street Style: Edgy

Being edgy might sound mainstream, but not to high fashion models. This edgy street style look is quickly taking over. Sportswear and sweatpants are evolving from gym time clothes to the ultimate street style, urban look. Bella Hadid is one of the many hot models who has been rocking this look lately. She usually throws on a crop top and a jacket, and a pair of stiletto heels or sneakers.

Dress like a model


You can wear this look when heading out to a casual party. Add some color to the outfit by wearing a bright colored boot with matching sunglasses. Play around with accessories to bring out more detail in the look. If you find the look is too busy for you then opt for classic black sweat pants and a neutral top.

Brighten Up

Vibrant colors are great for brightening gloomy days. Orange, yellow and green are all the perfect colors to work with, particularly because of the array of different tones. When picking a sweater in one of these tones always consider the jean color you plan on wearing. Adding faded denim will compliment these tones well; think about customizing the look with Boyfriend jeans.



The best part of this look is how relaxed and easy going it is to wear. Besides, nothing screams comfort more than a sweater/ boyfriend jeans combo. If comfort isn’t what you’re looking for try changing it up. Throw on a strappy heel and an oversized tote handbag; this will create a dramatic look instantly. Accessories are a girl’s best friend- try on some barbell earrings to accentuate the outfit. Makeup should be natural with a nude lip and straight, sleek hair.

Romantic Edge

Everyone has a bit of romance in them and this look compliments just that. The romantic edge look is inspired by Gigi Hadid; who can also be described as the girl next door. The outfit in this shot is soft and feminine which is ideal for date night. Gigi’s pink, black and pastel color combination just works- kudos to her for looking classy and stylish altogether!

street style 3


This street style look is super fun particularly because of the cerise pink pants. Keep it different by trading the narrow tailored pants for palazzo pants. These broad pants elongate the lower body and slim down the silhouette, which is flattering for all shapes and sizes. Choose a leather top to create more detail and make sure it’s well fitted. Having a loose top could spoil the look by adding bulkiness to the body when wearing broad pants. Select a pastel color heel that makes the outfit pop and don’t be surprised if you turn heads!

A brilliant makeup tip is to wear a bright red lipstick and create some natural looking waves. It will put the look together flawlessly.

High Culture Street Style

If you’re not yet entirely sure if the above street style looks are for you, then low and behold, this is definitely one you’ll love! High Culture is all about being diverse while still maintaining a great fashion sense. The main reason that this look is so magnificent is because it allows anyone to look marvelous while being casual. Gone are the days of being a plain Jane, it’s time to put use to these items that everyone has in their closet.

street style 4


Straight fit jeans are amazing for this reason; your legs don’t feel stifled and there is some breathing room. Grab a pair of your favorite straight cut jeans; it could be a dark or light color- depending on your preference. The reason that any color denim will work in this instant is because of the beige/brown jacket that will put the entire outfit together. Wear either a white or black inner top to create simplicity and finish the look with a suede boot.