As magical and uplifting as the holiday season is, we can all admit to picking up a few extra unwanted pounds-ugh! Nothing is worse than feeling self-conscious and aware of how you look when dressing every morning.  We’ve decided to share some instant slimming techniques that you could use that will instantly make you look slimmer in this style guide!

Who said that makeup should be used on your face only? No one! Makeup is one of the most effective methods used in the world to enhance physical feature, which is why many celebs and models use makeup to make them look more toned. If you’re self-conscious about your un-toned body have no fear, you can now opt for a quick contour. Whether it’s your legs, abs or face all you need is a contour stick to create some shading to set off an illusion of slimmer physical features. Use a darker color foundation and blend it in to create all the attributes you want.

A lot of the time people look larger than they really are due to poor posture. Slouching weakens the core muscles and makes you look flabbier. When sitting or standing have you back and neck perfectly aligned to create an elongated figure. This will create poise and give off an impression of confidence which will also makes you look a heck of a lot sexier!

Style guide


Clothes make all the difference in the world, and when dressing you should use your wardrobe to compliment what you have. A quick style guide can help you out when putting your outfits together. There are so many different techniques you can use to your advantage, it all comes down to knowing what to wear and how to wear it.

Boyfriend jeans should be a wardrobe staple as it’s the ultimate item that can make you look slimmer when paired with a pair of stilettos and a lose fitted jersey or blazer. Invest in a high rise boyfriend jeans because they have the ability to make you look leaner by elongating your lower body. A jersey or perfectly fitted t-shirt will balance the outfit out nicely and don’t forget to grab a tailored blazer (if you’re wearing a t-shirt) to beat the chilly weather.

little black dress


Everyone should own a perfect little black dress, but what happens when you add a twist to the little black dress? They are always in style! It becomes an edgy dress that can refresh your wardrobe, making you look extra slim. Score! When choosing a little black dress look for details that can further help create some depth, like a few ruffles or a bit of a floral pattern to create a polished look. Ideally, a knee length dress is the most flattering for all body shapes and sizes.

dark floral


Wrap dresses and wrap tops not only look chic but they suit both curvy and petit woman. With a wrap dress/ top silhouettes are kept simple and also give some definition and proportion to your body. If you’re not thrilled about showing your legs you can always wear a pair of panty hose with a wrap dress or well fitted pants with a wrap top. Fabrics play an important role in the way a wrap dress/top will sit, so make sure that you avoid stretchy fabric if you’re curvier.

Not a lot of emphasis is put on bras and while you may not realize it, they make all the difference in the world! According to a study more than 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size. Wearing a bra that’s too small can create unwanted and unflattering bulges that automatically make you look bigger. A good way to tell if your bra is too small for you is to stand up straight and turn your back to the mirror, if the band is riding up your back (slightly curved) than the bra could be too small for you.

Think of Bridget Jones the next time you want to fit into a fitted garment- wear Spanx! Yes they might be far from attractive, but hey they get the job done. Shape wear straight away refines you figure and gets rid of those dreaded bulges, which is a massive win!