Modeling Light Magazine was established to “shine light” on the modeling industry for anyone interested or active in the industry – from new models and photographers to makeup artists and hairdressers. Anyone that would like to learn more about the industry or increase their exposure is welcome, and encouraged, to submit.

Building a portfolio can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first. Even harder is getting your work in front of potential agents or other industry professionals. With both print and digital editions of the magazine, your images will be available to people all over the world!

Exposure is key to any successful job in the fashion and modeling industry. Without it, brands, companies and publications will be unaware of your work which offers no benefits to either party. To be successful all brands need to advertise, as do models, hair and makeup artists, photographers and agents.

Who Can Submit:

  1. Photographers
  2. Models
  3. Agents
  4. Makeup Artists
  5. Hairdressers
  6. Publicists

Types of Submissions We Accept*:

  1. Fashion
  2. Glamour
  3. Swimwear
  4. Lingerie
  5. Editorials
  6. Shoot Stories / Stories Other Professionals would be interested in

*Note that some issues may be themed; while submissions outside the theme will be accepted, those that satisfy the theme are more likely to be featured.

Submission Guidelines and Tips

Model Submissions

The model should have permission from the photographer or have full rights to the images submitted. A model release should be included in the submission, either a scan JPG/PNG or PDF.  Please try to show a range of different poses, locations, backgrounds, styles etc. We are trying to show your ability to model to other photographers and agents! Let’s show them your best!

Photographer Submissions

Photographers should submit a good range of photographs showing their diversity and abilities across various types of photography! A model release will be required for all models pictured, and any property releases for property that is easily identifiable.

Makeup Artist / Hairdresser Submissions

Either makeup artists or hairdressers should submit photographs showing their range and abilities with their given talents! They should have releases from the photographer of their images unless they have taken the images themselves.

Agents / Publicists

Agents and publicists should submit a range of work for each of the people they represent! We would love to have you submit your client’s images with releases for inclusion in the catalog of portfolios. See above for your clients type and thoughts / requirements for submissions.

Photograph Guidelines / Requirements

The main requirement for photographs for publication either online or in the magazine is that they are your best work. Ask yourself if a magazine like Elle, or Cosmopolitan would publish an image of this quality. Cell Phone photographs are NOT acceptable (Unless submitting for Selfie Search!).

  1. Full credit must be given for each image (or set of images) including model, photographer, clothing credits, location etc. as is necessary.
  2. Images submitted for online publication only should be at least 1000px on the short side
  3. Images submitted for print publication should be as large as you can submit them at 300dpi. Our largest print (2 page spread) is 11 x 17 (3300 px by 5100 px).
  4. All images should be submitted as a JPEG of the highest quality or PNG
  5. The must be no logos or watermarks on the images (credit will be given for all images published)
  6. Please submit between 4 and 10 images for consideration, there is no limit to the number of high resolution images you can submit if selected!
  7. Please make sure that all editing is completed and high quality, blurring or bad skin retouching will disqualify the image.

How To Submit


Submission F.A.Q.

  1. Do you allow nudity?
    1. No. We will not publish any photographs showing genitalia or nipples (on female models). Implied nude is acceptable. We try to keep this publication available to as large an audience as possible to get the models, photographers, agents and makeup artists / hair dressers as much exposure as possible, by limiting the exposure of the models in the photographs!
  2. How do I get my photo on the cover?
    1. We get a great number of submissions each week, our editors go through the images and discuss the best of the submissions that fit into the next issue and that lend themselves to a cover photo.
    2. Make sure you are submitting you best images to have the best chance to get published on the cover!
    3. Make sure there is enough space around your subject to add text to the cover.
    4. Also be sure that the subject can be removed from the background in case we need to isolate them for the cover!
  3. Am I allowed to do anything else with the images I submit to Modeling Light Magazine?
    1. You are allowed to do whatever you wish. At this time we are not requiring exclusivity of any photograph submitted, whether it is published or not, online or in print. You may submit to other publications, and use them online as you would like.
  4. What do you do with the images if they are not used online or in an issue?
    1. We keep all submissions so that we may use them in upcoming issues or online at a later date.
    2. You will be notified by e-mail if we use your images in the current or a future issue or online in the blog or on the site.
  5. Does the magazine provide tear sheets or free print copies?
    1. At this time we do not give tear sheets or free print copies. We will send a PDF copy of the issue if your images are used in the publication though.
  6. Does the magazine pay for works?
    1. At this time we do not pay for submissions of any sort. In the future we may consider paying for direct commissions for a specific theme or project.
    2. We will choose these commissions to be given to those who are included in our catalog or have been published with us before to help further their exposure!