Summer fashion is always ultra-fun; there are pastels, prints and unordinary accessories that suddenly come alive. This season is all about expressing yourself! From trendy handbags to distinctive shoes and clothes we’re here to give you the load-down of what’s in this summer.

We love how lively and vibrant the trends are looking so far, and here are all the latest staples you need to dominate the summer fashion scene.

Must have summer accessories

Accessories are so underrated, yet they add so much depth and detail to outfits. There are a variety of accessories to add to your summer wardrobe, all depending on your style and preference. Sunglasses, jewelry and handbags add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Take a look at some of our must-have accessories that will literally transform you in a few seconds

Box clutch bag

This is what you call pure craftsmanship and we’re slightly obsessed. This clutch handbag from Louis Vuitton is unlike anything ever made. It’s extremely diverse and easy to wear, so whether you choose to wear it with pieces of denim, dresses or for special occasions there’s no doubt that it will look amazing.
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Beaded & pearl handbags

Beaded handbags are currently a major hit this season, and they’re a great addition to summer fashion. No matter how you dress, reinvent your style with beaded handbags. They’re versatile and easy going, not to mention very stylish! Pair up a cute summer dress with a beaded handbag; it’ll give you an earthy-glam look.

Essential summer fashion shoes

Loafer slipper

Summer is all about being cool-literally. Forget about your daily pumps and out-dated peep-toe sandals, this season is all about the loafer trend. Sure, it essentially was a winter trend, but it works way better in summer anyway. This can be worn with outfits that are formal, smart and even casual, making it the ultimate staple of the season. Dress up with a tailored suit, accessories with a beaded handbag and throw on a pair of loafers. For an edgy look try wearing open loafers.
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Summer Sneakers

In case loafers aren’t your thing and you’re all about sneakers then these are what you need. These sneakers are casual but can be worn with even the smartest outfit. It adds the perfect balance and its street-style inspiration provides a refreshing look for those who want to break the boundaries.
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Ultimate summer fashion clothes

One of the main reasons that summer fashion is so exciting is because it’s so easy going. Unlike winter, you don’t have to worry about looking bulky from all the clothes. Summer vibes are all about being comfortable, easy going and stylish. Try out new looks, you’ll be surprised as, to what greatness small change makes.

This season’s staples are sublime, to say the least. It’s all about trend-setting, having a good time and looking your best. Get an instant mini make-over by getting these items in your wardrobe and get ready to rock this season’s fashion.

Modest floral dresses

With modest fashion evolving into something huge, this floral dress is sheer perfection. Floral fabric helps create a soft and natural look on anyone, no matter your shape or size. It’s perfect for summer fashion and great to wear on those lazy days. Try finding a longer length dress to create some length on your body. Floral dresses also work well when combined with open loafers.
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Frills, fringes, and feathers

If being bold is what you like, then get your wardrobe some frills, feathers and fringe cuts. Tops, pants, skirts and even pieces of denim are now available with this additional twist, making your wardrobe chic with some sophistication. Frills and feathers work best for a summer evening look, especially when you’re going out to parties and events.  Fringe cut outfits are more versatile and can be worn at any time of the day.
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Hawaiian Print Shirts

When thinking of Hawaiian print you’re probably picturing those embarrassing Hawaiian shirts that your dad still has. Well, turns out your dads’ shirts are finally fashionable! Hawaiian print shirts have finally made a comeback, and they look vibrant as ever. You can now wear these festive-looking shirts with high waited pants and suit pants to create a contemporary look.
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