Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness”

Street style outfits are taking over the fashion scene faster than you can imagine. Everything about it makes perfect sense, which is why you need to have these summer staples in your wardrobe.

The beauty of street style outfits is that they are versatile, retro and chic all at the same time. Depending on your style preference you can choose a bunch of accessories to dress these outfits accordingly.

Street style work outfits

One of the toughest things each day is deciding what to wear to work. We have compiled a bunch of street style looks that are edgy yet professional.

Patterned dress

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This look is perfect to wear to the office because it’s playful yet professional. We love the detail of the purse and this can be swapped for a bigger bag. The heels create extra length and the print is ultimate for a hot summer’s day.

The conservative dress

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This conservative dress is great to wear because it creates the perfect balance. Accessorize this look with a dainty necklace and hoop earrings. If you’re concerned about looking too short in a dress like this than pair them up with wedge heels.

Editorial white dress

Everyone needs a crisp white dress in their summer wardrobe and this is it! We’re obsessed with this entire look, because of how clean and fresh the whole outfit looks.
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Jumpsuit vibes

Ever since jumpsuits have come back into fashion, they most definitely are making a statement. Opt for a vertically striped material; it will instantly make you look taller and slimmer.
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Weekend inspired street style outfits

Whether you’re relaxing at home, going out with friends or partying the weekend away, these outfits are just what you need.

A playful playsuit

This wardrobe staple is perfect to wear on a day out and on a night out. To create a trendy outfit, ditch the heels for a pair of sneakers.
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Wide-legged pants

This versatile outfit has all the street style edge that any wardrobe needs.
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Board pants have been in fashion for quite some time now, and they are suit just about every body type. Whether you choose to wear a solid color or a patterned fabric, these pants are impactful and airy.

Ruffled princess

Ruffled shirts and skirts are full in this season and look absolutely beautiful when worn correctly. If you’re still warming up to the idea of street style outfits, than this would be a great outfit to start out with.
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A simple ruffled shirt and a pair of denim will take you a long way, not to mention it’s super fabulous.

Mules and dad jeans

This look is inspired by dad jeans, and whoever made them cool is a complete genius! This outfit is perfect to wear on those relaxing days spent at home.
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Create the ultimate look by wearing your favorite baggy t-shirt along with mule heels.

Puffy shirt and denim shorts

Puffy shirts are here to stay, and rightfully so. Pair up seasonal colors with denims to create an eye-catching look.
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Nude and subtle makeup will work well with this look, especially during the daytime. For a more dramatic look, choose a bold red lipstick and you’re good to go

Chiffon Kaftan

Nothing screams summer more than an airy kaftan to cool you down on a scorcher summers days. Enhance this look by wearing your favorite round sunglasses.
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Word of advice from the experts

Putting an outfit together is all about expression and creativity. Use colors and patterns that complement your complexion and body shape. Once you’ve mastered this trick, your fashion game will be life-changing.

Remember that style differs from every individual- it’s always good to experiment and try new looks so that you can see what actually works for you.

Have fun when putting an outfit together and don’t take it too seriosuly!