Walking the walk is one thing, but looking good while doing it is another. Models might be blessed with good genes and great looks, but even they feel the pressure when it comes to working out and dieting before fashion week. These individuals train hard and eat clean for weeks in advance to look the part. With a variety of workout ideas and meal planning we dish out all the details you need to know.

Most, if not all fashion brands require models to be a specific size and look a specific way in order to wear their clothing. Intense workouts and low-calorie intake is one of the most vital rules to follow when prepping for fashion week.

The Work A variety of different exercises are done by models to help improve posture, muscle tone and overall body physique. Workouts start off with multiple training sessions a day and pumping up the body with the correct nutritional foods. Exercises such as Pilates, Yoga, cardio and even kickboxing are known to assist models in getting them in tip-top shape before fashion week.

On an average day a model works out at least twice a day and eats around 5 small healthy meals. It’s important to remember that all these workouts need to slim down models and not make them “bulky” which is why they need the best personal trainers to help them sculpt their bodies.

A workout usually starts off with some cardio which could either be running on a treadmill or cycling for 10-15 minutes, thereafter models endure in some calisthenics burpees, lunges, jumping jacks, push ups, planking etc. Once they start with calisthenics it’s an uninterrupted activity that requires a lot of stamina and determination. Yoga or Pilates is usually done towards the end of the workout to relax the mind and body from the extreme training session. These two exercises are not only great for strengthening the core and overall body but they are also a form of meditation, which helps models greatly in de-stressing. To ensure that models aren’t too comfortable, workouts are changed on a daily basis and every training session has to focuses on each and every area of the body, almost always guaranteeing a sore body the next day!

After all the hard work and training models are usually left famished, but what exactly do they eat when getting Fashion Week ready? Let’s just say it’s not as bad as we anticipated there are some pretty delicious foods on the menu!

The day starts off with either a detox green tea, pure organic green juices or the secret that almost all models swear by; hot water and fresh lemon. These drinks are perfect for starting the day off and make sure that models are hydrated before beginning with their daily tasks. Lunch usually follows with a leafy salad or veggies that are either steamed or grilled with a portion of protein. Midday snacks are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep the body energized. Avocado, celery, humus and Greek yogurt are the ideal snacking foods that models like to munch on during the day. Supper is usually a bigger meal as lamb, chicken or fish is eaten with some roasted veggies on the side. On the other hand, there are certain foods that models stay clear off when prepping themselves. Nuts are one of the most avoided foods as they sometimes cause breakouts, dehydration and are also heavier on the overall digestive system. Sodas and any other carbonated drinks are a big no-no, as they packed with unhealthy ingredients and also cause bloating. As tempting as fried foods might be, they are avoided at all costs, greasy foods tend to make anyone less energetic and more tired which is one of the reasons fried foods are basically banned from the life of a model prior to Fashion Week. Totally Worth It! Fashion Week means that models have to put in a lot of work while remaining calm and composed. The overall diet and workout plan of a model can be a challenge in itself, but the determination and motivation put into it pays off in the end. The most important tip that any model will give us is that getting your beauty rest should be a big priority. Taking time for yourself to just relax and give your body some free time is essential to every model and helps your body re-center itself.