The hair and makeup industry have grown immensely in the last couple of years. Beauty has revolutionized and new trends are debuting almost all the time. With so much going on, there are quite a few things that newbie hair and makeup artists need to know.

Choose a path

If you’re someone who’s passionate about all things beauty then you need to choose a specified path. This makes it easier when finding clients and most clients prefer going to an artist who specializes in a certain area.

Now, if you enjoy doing both hair and makeup then we would suggest picking one of the two. Reason being that you can entirely focus on one aspect and give all your time to that.

Get the experience first

Almost all beauty moguls started at the bottom in order to get more experience. If you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist or hairstylist then try getting a job at a makeup store or hair salon. Start from the bottom and work your way up until you know everything there is to know about the field.

hair and makeup artist

Here are a few things that you will learn when working at a makeup store/ hair salon:

  • All about the different products and how exactly to use them.
  • How to deal with different skin types/ hair types and what sort of products works best for different skin types/ hair types.
  • Current trends and preferences in the beauty industry.
  • Learning a few tricks from fellow colleagues with more experience.
  • Dealing with clients and learning to be more professional and efficient.
  • Meeting potential clients and slowly building up your own name.

Build a portfolio

Every hair and makeup artist needs a portfolio in order to display work that they have done. This needs to look professional and have excellent quality pictures. If you’re on a budget and cannot afford a professional photographer then read our last post on how to take professional photos using your smartphone.

Start-up a social media page

After building your portfolio you will need somewhere to showcase your work. Create a social media account that has all your details and all your work showcased. This will allow clients to see what you’re capable off and will also help create some brand exposure.

hair and makeup artist

Interact with online influencers

Social media influencers help a great deal when trying to gain recognition. Try contacting a few online influencers that are from your area and offer to do their hair/makeup. Work out a deal where you do their hair/makeup for free, provided that they mention you in one of their posts. This will allow you to build an online presence and you might even get a few new clients in the interim.

Start freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is when the actual work begins. In this process, there is quite a bit that needs to be taken into consideration. You will have to work out when you will be able to work and you will also have to be able to meet the client’s needs. The best thing to do is to get a day planner to help schedule and manage your time effectively.

*We would advise hair and makeup artists not to quit their day jobs until they’re certain that their freelancing career has taken off.

Give your clients what they ask for

This cannot be emphasized enough- always listen and communicate with clients. Make certain that you’re sure of what exactly they want and what look they’re going for. It’s always a good idea to ask clients to bring a picture along so that you know what they want.

Be a professional hair and makeup artist always

No matter what, always be professional and always be on time. Your clients need to know that you are serious about your job and nothing can ruin any job like being unprofessional. Always walk in with the best attitude so that people feel comfortable around you. Your mood can uplift your clients and that’s ultimately what you want.

hair and makeup artist

Be passionate and have fun

In order to be successful, it’s important to always remain passionate and enjoy what you do. Your clients will feel at ease and you will too.