As superficial as it might sound, image is everything in the modeling industry, obviously having the right attitude also plays a major role in the whole factor. Models are often left to wonder if their image is what casting agents are actually looking for.

Everyone is unique and what works for others might not work for you. Deciding on changing your look comes with a lot of added pressure, but in order to be successful you have to be willing to take a few risks.

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when evaluating your success rate of getting jobs, while your attitude and confidence might be on point, your overall look might have been the issue. Every casting has different qualities and features that they are looking for in candidates, so having the “perfect” look might be tricky.

The next time you are at a casting, take a look at the other models and observe each of their images. Take note of what your first impressions are about each of them and make a few mental notes to yourself.

The best way to better yourself is by learning from mistakes, and what better way to do so then by taking note of others and what they might be doing right/ wrong.

Often models don’t realize that their image is either way too simple or way too extra. So how exactly can you tell where you fall between the two? Simple, go out and ask professionals within the industry if they think that your look needs to be improved. This not only will show them that you’re determined but it will show them that you’re open to criticism in order to improve yourself.

Once you’ve heard some feedback from a variety of different casting agents, make notes of each of the points that were mentioned by them and determine if you agree or disagree to what they’ve said. Make a small list of all the things you agree on and implement a plan for what needs to improve in your image. During this process make sure to listen to yourself first before making any drastic decisions, and only make changes that you’re happy with.

If most of your feedback determined that you need to up your image game, then try doing a simple thing that will make you look brand new. A perfect such example would be to visit the hairdresser for a new haircut and color. Only go for hairstyles that will suit your face shape and hair colors that will complement your complexion. However, if you were told that you need to tone it done than perhaps you need to adopt a simpler image and ease up on the hair and make-up. Abstain from busy and funky colors and rather choose neutral colors in hair and makeup.

A new look/image could definitely bring about new opportunities to you, as it could appeal to a whole different market. This will allow you to work on new projects and give you that chance to branch out further than before. If you feel that you might be ready for a change of scenery behind the camera then a new image would do wonders to your career.

The best look that any model can have is a fresh and clean look. Avoid having crazy hairstyles and makeup; instead opt for simple and classy hair/makeup. Embrace all your imperfections and flaws and don’t hide anything, except for zits.

A great model to look up to is Chantelle Brown, who has a very unique image compared to other models. Chantelle has white patches all over her body (known as Vitiligo) that are different shapes and different sizes. The fashion model has embraced herself and has advised others to try to love themselves. Her beauty is raw and undefined yet she is one of the most successful models today.

In the end it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what clients are actually looking for. There is no right answer to whether or not you should change your image in order to book more gigs, because you never know if your look might be what the next client is looking for.